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Readily Available Stability Trend Evaluation

Evaluating the results of stability analyses of products is also a very important part of pharmaceutical laboratory work. In addition to its importance, examining the results of many products, making calculations, creating graphs or tables also require a substantial amount of labor. Excel comes to the rescue of most laboratories here. Howvere, even if Excel is used, to collect, transfer and evaluate the recorded results, this process is labor-intensive and prone to errors.

If the stability records are entered in a management system that can process them as required, up-to-date stability trends can be directly evaluated and reviewed without any extra effort.

Within Manage, stability evaluation is an indispensible part of analysis recording process. The results entered within stability analyses are used in stability evaluation apart from routine release operations. In addition to the stability evaluation features that Manage already has out of the box, lab users can create their customized evaluation reports or charts as per their requirements.

Below is a list of the features that comes with Manage LIMS for readily available stability evaluation:

  • Trend charts for stability samples of different conditions, for side to side comparison of different test results

  • Trendlines that show the stability trends on the stability trend charts

  • Shelf life information calculated by extrapolation

  • One click display of the samples that contain out of specification results or have the trend to go out of specificaiton

  • Stability pivot tables to review stability results on different stability periods

  • Monthly stability analysis plan or stability analyses planned for another timeframe

  • Time/stability load chart that display showing the laboratory stability workload

The stability evaluation process within Manage LIMS is just a matter of entering into the stability module and examining it.

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