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Installation & Configuration

Setting up a laboratory system in a busy laboratory environment is a really challenging task and can only be achieved by real professionals who have mastered the laboratory operation.  

As Lex Software Solutions, we are always by your side in this difficult process. You will understand that you have chosen the right laboratory management system when you see how well we have mastered your problems and that we have definitely produced a solution for you.  

We would like to clarify and explain what kind of installation and application process will be experienced as much as possible.


Demo Setup

Is the system you plan to use suitable for you? Is the technical support and information infrastructure of the company you work with sufficient? We are installing a fully functional Manage demo program so that you can get answers to such questions. We do not charge for demo installation.


Pilot Data Transfer

In your demo system, we perform the necessary definitions and data transfers for a few pilot products of your choice. In the meantime, we work with the people you have chosen as responsibles and we give them tne necessary training on the system. 


Implementation Process

If you are satisfied with the demo version of the application, we are gradually expanding the application scope following the purchase process. At this stage, we work with users and constantly exchange information to understand and ensure their acceptance of the system. While we develop our system further in the light of the information we receive from you, we configure your working system with maximum efficiency with the information we provide to you. 


GMP Compliance Configuration

We define roles and users in accordance with the distribution of work in your laboratory. We define role-user assignments and password-security configurations and create their procedures together with you.

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