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Excel or Spreadsheet Management

Excel is an indispensable program for a working environment that works with numbers or tables. Although it allows for real convenient operations, unfortunately it is not sufficient and appropriate in a GMP-compliant laboratory environment.  

However, you can easily work with Excel or spreadsheets in Manage. Manage provides you with the appropriate infrastructure for this. The Spreadsheet Editor in Manage is very similar to Excel and allows you to work in a database environment, in relation to analysis records, and in compliance with GMP.

It is possible to work with spreadsheet files in Manage in accordance with GMP requirements, and it is also possible to embed spreadsheet snippets into test methods for anlysis recording purposes and analyst convenience.

Excel Comfort and GMP Compliance Together in Manage

The Manage spreadsheet editor gives you an almost identical work environment to Excel. This environment is offered in Manage in compliance with GMP requirements. It provides database-based usage instead of being file-based. It also keeps a cell-based audit trail in a separate sheet for every spreadsheet document.

spreadsheet 1.png

Spreadsheet in Analysis Records: Functionality and Simplicity, Combined

Embed practical calculation templates and spreadsheets in your test methods, so analysts always work with the most up-to-date calculation method and do not lose their focus and time to access any file.

spreadsheet 2.png
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