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The New Standard of
Pharmaceutical Laboratory

New and advanced laboratory management system that completely aligns with your business processes and GMP requirements:


All laboratory processes, one system

Execute all the work in your laboratory in an integrated manner through Manage. Notebooks, logbooks, worksheets or Excel are no longer needed. Completely paperless, fully independent. GMP compliant, as required.

Business Intelligence in the Lab

Increase your working efficiency, measure with objective indicators, report and take corrective actions. Not going with the tide,  real management.

No Paper, No Excel, No Worksheet

Let Manage create a special record table for your analysis, you just fill it out. By selecting instead of typing and by pulling data from devices and reports.

100% Digital Laboratory

Easily record the generated data, transfer meaningfully from devices and reports, and visualize it with advanced editors.

Integrated and Systematic Laboratory Management

Do not enter separate records for each process, just enter your analysis records, let Manage manage your stocks, prepare your reports, analyze your KPI and yield.

Unique content, many features waiting to be discovered...

With Manage, you will define your test methods with a high level of detail and achieve a fully standardized operation in your laboratory. Manage is not only a LIMS system where you only enter samples, specifications and results, it is not an ELN system where you enter text inputs in a worksheet, either.It is an elaborate, new and advanced system that encompasses all of these.  

Review the Manage system content and compare it with other LIMS systems from high-cost global companies. For detailed information, you can always reach us from our contact information. 


Image by Aron Yigin

Facility Based Licensing

Single and net cost.

No hidden fees. Easy access and freedom of use, even from different departments of your facility.

Image by Danil Shostak

Advanced Features, Single System

Integration with LIMS, ELN and third party applications, data collection from the lab field, advanced report and graphic editors.

İş sunumu

All Together, Better

We always walk together with you as a part of your team. Swift and dynamic support, creative solutions to your arising needs.

Resim Öğretmeni ve Öğrencisi

High Level Customization

User specific or generalized system interface, report and graphic formats.

Are you ready for change?

Test our incredible features on your own site. Contact us and we'll set up a free fully functional demo in your lab.


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