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Stability Management

Stability management is part of the analysis management module in Manage. When you choose a stability plan while planning your analyses, the analyses are assigned as stability analyses in the periods of the relevant products and are included in the work plans of the relevant analysts.

Just enter the records of the stability samples into Manage and plan the stability analyses, and Manage will do the rest. The results entered in the stability analyses are reported as stability reports and trends while being visualized into charts, the estimated stability times and trendlines are calculated and demonstrated, your monthly analysis loads and stability workload are always in front of your eyes. You can now get into your main job, namely planning, evaluating and managing.

Let Manage Prepare Your Stability Trend Charts

As your results are entered, Manage turns them into meaningful stability trend charts, makes the necessary calculations, plots the trendline and calculates an estimated shelf life based on the trend. Manage then notifies you if the estimated shelf life is shorter than the time you assigned.

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Your Stability Charts Are Ready

As in all modules, reports are prepared by Manage with the report formats defined in the stability module. You just inspect it, if necessary, you print it out.

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Stability Load, Analysis Statuses And More... Always Before Your Eyes

List of monthly stability analyses or assigned within any other timeframe, analysis statuses and workload chart by time... Even more if you want. Manage collects your analysis data appropriately, you can shape it as you wish and design charts or KPI evaluations.

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