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Analysis Processes

After all the necessary information is defined and the relevant procedures are established, analysis processes from sample entry to analysis certificate can be carried out through Manage.


Analysis Planning and Laboratory Management

Analysis processes start with the registration of the sample in Manage. Analyses are assigned to the sample in line with the relevant analysis methods, and the analyses are planned for lab workers for certain times. As a result, everyone can follow their work on Manage agenda, and managers can track workers' plans.


Entering Data and Reporting Analysis Records

Following the analysis planning, all usage, weighing, results etc. records are entered in the input tables created by Manage. Manage takes this data, reports the analysis ledger, certificate, logbook records and much more.


What do We Get?

By executing analysis records through Manage, you implement both LIMS and ELN functionality in your laboratory with a high level of business intelligence.

  • You can carry out all your record entry processes on a single system without using any notebook or Excel.

  • You ensure that the data is entered in accordance with the test method in a standardized way and in compliance with GMP regulations.

  • You can measure laboratory efficiency with various parameters and even view it instantly.

  • The reports that are previously prepared manually, are now generated automatically by Manage and the results are exported to external systems such as SAP.

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