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Documentation processes continue in parallel with the implementation of the Manage system. This process includes works such as configurations in Manage, procedure writing, testing and validation carried out both within Manage and within the laboratory.

As Lex Software Solutions, we work with you in all your documentation processes and provide you with all the necessary support and the set of documents required for the validation process. 


Documentation Executed in Manage

The documentation process carried out within Manage is logbook, analysis notebook, analysis certificate etc. report designs, chart formats to be used for measurement and evaluation processes and the report formats to be used for automatic reporting. As Lex Software Solutions, we provide you with many report and graphic formats readily designed in the system, during the documentation process, these formats will be tweaked in accordance with your needs and procedures.


Procedure Creation and Revisions

In order for the system to be put into general use, working procedures must be written and existing procedures must be revised. We will provide any guidance, such as the instruction manual and user trainings throughout this process.


Test and Validation Processes

We carry out your testing and validation processes together with your CSV team. We provide the necessary set of documents and technical support on this subject. If you wish, we can carry out the entire testing and validation process at your company site on your behalf.

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