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Integration Processes

Manage offers many data collection features for easy and accurate data recording. It also supports data transfer to other third-party applications from within Manage.  

Our goal is always to achieve maximum efficiency with minimum work. 


Integration with Lab Balances

We can wirelessly receive weighing information into Manage via IoT adapters that we plug into the data output ports of the scales. For this process, we use the Manage Data Collector phone/tablet application, if a PC is not practical. This process is compatible with all brands and models of scales.


Transfer from Result Tables in External Reports or Directly Transfer from Computer Display

You can import data into Manage through the reports produced by CDS systems or instruments in the laboratory. For example, you can transfer all the results of the impurity profile from the result report produced by a CDS system to Manage with a single click. As an additional feature, you can save any result from your computer display with Manage screen reading feature.


Data Sharing and Transfer

Manage provides you with the infrastructure to allow data sharing with third party applications. Any kind of data transfer is possible with Manage, if the software to be integrated with, allows and supports the process.


What do We Get?

After completing the data transfer work, manual transfer processes in your laboratory will also be automated. Thus, besides a great labor gain, it will be possible to carry out more error-free and GMP-compliant data transfer operations.

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