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Test Method Definitions

With the transfer of the information in the test methods to the Manage system, fine-tuned and  product specific analytical record entries become possible.

Thanks to the Excel spreadsheets defined in the methods and high business intelligence, a huge step is taken towards a fully paperless laboratory.


High Business Intelligence in Analysis Recording

In analytical methods, along with the information on how to perform the test, many information such as which items will be weighed, how long the analysis is expected to take, sample calculation snippets or sample visuals are defined. During the analysis, input tables are created for the analysts in line with this defined information.


Product Lists  Transfer and Sample Tracking

Manufactured products, their test definitions, and various other information for individual products are entered in Manage. Thus, incoming samples can be registered in the system and tests can be assigned rapidly and conveniently. After defining the method and product information, it becomes very easy and standardized to enter analysis records in Manage. 


What do We Get?

With the transfer of test methods and product lists to the system, analysis recording processes can be carried out in Manage. The system creates record entry tables specific to the defined analysis, users perform all entries in these tables. No other record entry on a a separate worksheet, logbook, analysis notebook, Excel etc. is required. ​

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