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Document Management

All modules in Manage have an attachment  management section where you can upload and view documents related to records. You can upload files in pdf, Excel, Word, image or even in unknown formats. This way, you don't have to keep your important documents loose on user computers or messy file folders. At the same time, you can upload the links of your web-based applications or websites to display them in the browser environment in Manage.  

In the attachment management sections, the files are kept and backed up in the Manage database in accordance with GMP requirements. The file preview tool here allows you to view the uploaded documents directly in Manage without even downloading them.  

For example, in Manage standards module, you can upload your documents such as MSDS or CoA for each standard record and retain them only on Manage.

GMP Compliant Document Management and With Advanced Previewing in Manage

In relevant modules of Manage, you can upload, retain and view external documents generated in your laboratory. Don't get bogged down in the mess of files stored in a messy, non-GMP-compliant way. Single system, single archive, GMP compliant document archive, perfect manageability.

standart coa doküman.png

Integration with Web-Based Systems: Incredibly Practical

You can also add the URL links of your web-based applications or websites to the plugin management area. In this way, the Manage previewer turns into a web browser and allows you to access the desired web page without the need for any external action.

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