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Analysis Planning

In environments such pharmaceutical laboratories where there is a continuous workflow, it inevitably becomes challenging to operate efficiently. Working efficiently, especially in pharmaceutical quality control laboratories, where GMP compliance and time pressures are intense, requires systematic work as well as advanced managerial skills.

This is exactly what Manage offers. It provides you convenience when planning your analysis, thanks to its smart algorithms. The work calendars and agendas of the employees are created after this planning, and the work plans can be viewed or edited at any time by both the analysts themselves and their managers.  

Making a stability analysis program is also an important part of this business plan. Stability planning can be done from beginning to end by using defined sample, period and test information, and recording processes can be carried out when it is time.

Advanced Analysis Planning

Manage system matches the samples test methods assigned to each product, and generates a time plan. Considering the analysis times and working hours defined in the methods, the assignment of analyses times to individuals are handled by Manage.

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Analysis Tracking from Agenda or Calendar

When analysts open up their timetable or agenda, they view their assigned analyses and click on them to complete the record entries. Lab managers can also compare the schedules of more than one person within the same agenda view and can distribute the work according to the workload of the people.

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