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Barcode Usage

The use of barcodes is very important for a practical and error-free logging process. Barcode labels can be created for standard, chemical and all other registered materials in Manage, and the analysis record entry processes can be carried out more fluently and without errors.

In addtion to swift usage log entry, detailed information about the item, documents such as MSDS or CoA,  previous usage records, amount remaining in stock, status changes (such as in order, waiting or in use) can be viewed within an instant.

More Convenient Operations with the Use of Barcodes

Many functions in Manage are only at a single barcode scanning distance. In this way, you will be able to carry out your processes more quickly within fluent and intensive laboratory work.

barkod okuma.png

Designable Barcode Labels More Useful With The Report Editor

You can create the barcode label suitable for you by using the report designer and predefined barcode formats in Manage. You can edit your barcodes to fit the label printer on very small vials or you can use QR Code instead of barcode if you want.

qr barcode.png
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