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Usage Logs

Usage logging processes in Manage are handled in two different categories. One is the quantitative usage or weighing for stock tracking, and the other is time-based usage record entries for devices and columns.

The usage records in Manage are designed to be performed in a user-friendly and convenient way, as well as providing you with instantaneous in-depth analysis.

Device inventory, usage or audit trail records are also kept under control by approval mechanisms as in other Manage modules.

Innovative and Practical Usage Logging

You can enter your usage records by selecting the instrument or analytical columns used during analysis and simply clicking the usage start and end buttons. The person, analysis and date information are automatically filled in by Manage, and your logbook is automatically created using your defined book format. 

Manage Cihaz kullanım.png

Instant Status Analysis and Advanced Capacity Reporting

With Manage, information that you cannot access from notebooks is always at your service. For example, devices or columns that are in use or free, daily or monthly capacity utilization rate and efficiency calculations... In addition to that readily available data, you have the opportunity to convert much more into reports or graphs.

Instrument Usage Efficiency Dashboard.png

Analytical Column Performance Monitoring

Analytical column usage records are not limited to standard usage records. You can enter performance parameters for your columns, monitor their status on graphs and decide which column to use in the light of this information. 

Column performance charts.png

Calibration/Validation Tracking

You can also manage the calibration/validation information of your instruments through Manage. You can prevent usage logging for those instruments whose calibration/validation date has passed, and you can create monthly calibration/validation programs as well.

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