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Inventory Transfers

Following the main installation and configuration process, we begin to transfer the record entry work carried out in the laboratory, to the system, step by step.

With this process, we not only ensure that the users adopt the system, but we also start to receive our gains for the effort we put in.


Inventory Records Transfer

We transfer your inventory records such as standards, chemicals, instruments or columns, that are used in analysis recording, together with their associated documents such as MSDS or CoA.


Standardization, Labeling, Business Intelligence

In the inventory transfer processes, we work with your employees on a standardized data transfer, labeling, barcode usage and determination of information such as critical amount/expiry dates. 


Enabling Usage Logs Entries

Following the inventory transfer, the usage entries for the inventory items are now ready to be carried out in Manage. This process is then implemented procedurally and spreaded throughout the laboratory. 


What do We Get?

By executing usage records through Manage:

  • We remove the logging process on logbooks or cards, our logbook report is already prepared on Manage if required.

  • We always see up-to-date quantities on Manage.

  • We can filter the usage data as needed, we can then readily find out who entered what information, on what date and why it was entered.

  • We can prepare reports or graphs on orders, usage and other information and send them to relevant people automatically.

  • We can see documents such as MSDS and CoA archived as external documents directly on Manage.

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