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Inventory Management

Manage provides specialized inventory tracking modules for standards, chemicals, samples, and other materials or solutions.  

The stocks in your laboratory are followed quantitatively and are updated instantly with usage entries that are entered within analyses and independently. Remaining amount is always up-to-date in the system which is calculated and displayed as weight units or number of packages.

The materials themselves are managed by item, usage and audit trail approval mechanisms.

Preparation records of materials such as mixtures, stock solutions, mobile phases can also be kept on the system, whose stocks are managed in the same way singular items are done.

Data and KPI evaluations such as supply and waiting times, number of used and pending materials, can be done directly on the data or visualized if desired.

Weighing Records

Weighing records can be entered manually or transferred from lab balances via wireless communication using the Manage Data Collector application. Usage logbooks can be genereated from usage records at any time using a predefined report template.

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Advanced Stock Tracking Features

Important stock information such as, materials that are below defined critical amount, whose expiry dates are near, which need to be ordered for uninterrupted use, etc., can be monitored directly from the system and sent to responsible lab workers as periodic reports.

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Status Tracking and Data Analysis

Registered substances may be subject to approval for usage logging. Status assignments such as pending, in use. retired or on order, not only guide analysts in item usage, but also enable comprehensive data analysis. 

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