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Continuous Development & Training

We are aware that laboratory system management is much more than just installing a software. We consider this process as a journey we embark on with you, and together we will be constantly moving towards the best.


Technical Support and Maintenance

If you have any problems, we provide 7x24 remote support even if we are not at your site. 


Continuous Improvement

By constantly exchanging information with you, we analyse what can be done better in the laboratory, and we put this information  into practice as quickly as possible. We do not charge any fees for subsequent Manage updates, except for the routine technical support and maintenance agreement.


Training and Evaluation

Simply installing the software and training the users is definitely not enough to implement such a complex system efficiently in the laboratory. In addition to the trainings we provide to all users, we train key users as experts in this business and work with them constantly. We monitor and evaluate the system performance and the entered data, and provide feedbacks. As always, we provide all such services within the scope of a maintenance and technical support agreement.

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