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Reporting & Visualization

As you enter records in Manage, many metadata about the records you have entered are automatically recorded in the background. You can prepare very comprehensive data analyses from this detailed data by using the report and dashboard designers in Manage.  

You can ensure that the reports you have prepared are periodically sent to the relevant people by using Manage Mail Server. Reports or charts can be made accessible only to those that you authorize. For example, each user can display a different instrument panel on their home screen, or every user's main menu can be adjusted to display the same information.

There are 4 editors in Manage:

  • Report Editor

  • Dashboard Editor

  • Spreadsheet Editor

  • Document Editor

Manage Mail Server: Documentation Officer of Your Laboratory

Work to be done, materials to be ordered, standards out of stock... Configure the report format you want with Manage, and it will prepare and send the report when it is time.

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Reports and Charts for Personal Use

In the laboratory, one employee may deal with the analysis status of the samples, while the other may deal with the stock quantities. With its high level of customizability, Manage enables employees to work with user specific reports or graphics according to their individual responsibilities. In addition, generalized reports or graphics can be accessed by everyone in the Employees menus. 

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