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Unmetered Productivity is Hidden Inefficiency

As everyone working in a GMP environment knows: "Any unrecorded task means it has never happened". The same is true for laboratory work in general. Even if a process is not GMP critical, it can be business critical and disrupt overall operation. Even if the work does not stop completely, inefficient working means a hidden workforce and a waste of time, and therefore money. In this case, if we say "Unmetered productivity is hidden inefficiency", I think we would have touched on the right point.

It is not easy to objectively measure product or employee productivity in a laboratory environment. For this, it is necessary to collect instant and realistic data from the laboratory area and evaluate them appropriately. The collection and evaluation of this data is not a process that people can carry out manually, but a process that should be carried out on a completely computerized system basis. When you work with a system such as Manage LIMS that includes detailed features on collecting and evaluating this data, you can instantly monitor which processes or products are progressing in the laboratory and how efficiently, or report them to the senior management.

The measured productivity will point to unproductive areas and allow you to improve. Over time, business processes will be improved, more work will be carried out with fewer employees, and cost savings will be achieved.

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