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One-Click Inventory Control: Single or Collective Analysis

It is of crucial importance to a lab worker to know the current stock and instrument statuses before proceeding with any analysis in laboratory studies. No one wants to find out that a required item is missing right in the middle of an analysis. The control of all required materials and instruments can only be done by looking at the required material from the analytical method and then investigating through the laboratory.

However, the situation is different in a laboratory using Manage LIMS. Since stock and instrument statuses are always up-to-date on Manage and usages are defined in detail in the methods, analysts can check inventory status with a single click, and see missing materials and unavailable instruments before starting the analysis.

The same is true for a group of analyses scheduled for a specific timeframe. For example, the current availability statuses of materials and instruments that will be required in a weekly analysis plan can also be checked via Manage.

This information provides you with a very important insight in your analysis work planning and helps your workflows to run more smoothly.

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