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Logbook Recording In 10 Seconds. Is It Possible?

One of the most challenging processes for analysts in laboratory work is to enter logbook records of instrument usages. These records not only require the analyst to shift his/her focus from the instrument he/she is working on to the logbook, but also require inputting many identifying information about the work being done. All information that a GMP compliant record should include, such as the definition of the analysis, the product studied, worker identification or username, the date and time information, must be entered correctly, completely and in a standardized manner. However, the common use of logbooks makes this GMP compliant data entry process more difficult and nearly impossible to implement.

Logbook entries in Manage are handled by a completely different process. Logbook entry is a a part of the corresponding analysis recording process flow. Available instruments in the related analysis recording step are filtered and presented to the analyst for logbook entry. For example, if the log record is an HPLC log as dictated by the analysis flow, available HPLC's are filtered and presented. This ensures easy instrument logging by selecting the instrument used, clicking a 'Start' button in usage start and clicking an 'End' button in usage end since the context of the work, or analyses step in Manage, is already in place.

Let's get to the answer of the question in the header: Yes with Manage! Select instrument in the analysis record entry and press 'Start' and select the same record and press 'End' when the job is done.

How long does it take for your lab workers to create a proper logbook entry and what kind of problems do you face?

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