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Even More Practical: By Using Barcodes

Even if the operations with laboratory materials are carried out through a system such as Manage, there is always a need to produce more practical and faster solutions. One of the main reasons for this is the need for instant recording within the scope of GMP, and this requires the lab worker to shift his focus from his job to record entry. For this reason, recording processes should be as systematic, independent and fast as possible in order keep the focus of the lab worker. In this way, laboratory processes will be more efficient as well as more error-free.

In order to provide this convenience, Manage supports the use of barcodes in all records. With the Manage LIMS report editor, it is possible to produce barcode labels in the desired format and size. Manage offer much more convenience in the following operations by using barcode labels:

  • General information about the material and current stock information

  • Usage record entry

  • Logbook viewing

  • Quick editing of material information

  • Viewing of attached documents

  • Monitoring material status changes (such as in order, pending, in use)

  • Viewing audit trail records

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